About Us

Have you ever heard of the word Continuous Spectrum? If not, why don’t you visit us and know more about wonderful mysteries of physics? We encourage you to visit us and know what made you look up for continuous spectrum. Our motto is to make you understand color more than what we see. Here, you will be able to see how light contributes in bringing out the hidden beauty of certain objects. We can achieve this by the help of continuous spectrum.

Mysteries around sunlight and colors will give you a reason to be coming back to us for more information. In this section, light energies will explain more about us, and get you understand the existence forms of spectra and how to differentiate one from the other. It is wonderful for you to discover that rainbow has hidden secrets that can make you understand continuous spectrum in details.

We have great laboratories that can help you learn more about the different uses of light by the use of simple objects. Also, you will be able to find out more about absorption and emission of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. With the entire lab, learning and understanding is much easier, and this can only be found at Continuous Spectrum.

Why did we start to write about Continuous Spectrum?

You might wonder why we associate ourselves with the name Continuous Spectrum. But the reason is that we are committed to producing a continuous spectrum. We have professional expertise who can create continuous spectrum from an array of different light passing through a prism. For your experiment we offer all set of lab environments, in our labs. You will be able to use heating apparatus and different objects that we have in store for you. We also offer classic examples of continuous spectrum and functional analysis that you may not understand during the practical lesson. The functional analysis involves how different parts in the breakdown of a continuous spectrum of linear operator behaves on a function space. Visit our site and distinguish various ways of producing a continuous spectrum and also various differences between continuous and line spectrum.